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Silke Mansholt has been making films as writer, director, editor, composer and director of photography since 1996.


d´Arc, 2011

Jeanne d´Arc has not been burnt. Here is the interview.


A German Grandchild's Funeral, 2007

A German woman in England realizes there is more

to being German than being German.


Oma, 1996

My grandmother in her beauty a year before she died.


Woman running or November, 1999

A woman and her ritual - running inside out through a museum of natural history for ever.


Skylark, 2001 (extracts)

Inspired by Amelia Earhart - a woman and her plan to fly (over the Atlantic Ocean) - her landing witnessed by an Irish boy. The film was made in collaboration with Nerea Martinez de Lecea.


only, 2008

We have only one dance before night falls.


The incomplete autobiography, 2004

The autobiography of an Indian girl.