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Homage to the Heart

Homage to the Heart, a solo performance by Silke Mansholt, is an uncompromising exploration of identity and cultural heritage with specific reference to German culture.

The work, through ritual and expressionistic movements to iconic music (Wagner, Bach, Schönberg, and Mansholt’s own compositions) delves into the duality of human existence and re-examines the nature of performance itself.

Echoing Bausch and Beuys the strangely unsettling, moving and amusing piece follows the journey of a woman exploring her deepest feelings and brings the viewer into immediate touch with her/his own. In this visually rich piece the authentic performer surrenders to self-expression and the never-ending self-realising process of the human being.


presented at:

University of Brighton, 2001

Chisenhale Dance Space, 2001

Centre for Performance Research: Grounded in Europe-Tanztheater and its Legacy in Roehampton, 2001

NRLA Glasgow, 2002

Liverpool Biennial, 2002

eXperimentica 2003, Chapter, Cardiff