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"Silke Mansholt’s performances move through different disciplines, as sound, movement, the visual and ritual are brought together in an enigmatically powerful mix. She explores the fertile terrain between the visual and the performative, creating works that are at the same time complex and accessible, mysterious and compelling."

Her live art installations are pictures of the hidden, giving the viewer the possibility to question her/his perception of life. It is Mansholt's vocation to work with the soul and it is her aim to heal soul loss and facilitate the healing of wounds.


Main performances:

Homage to the Heart, 2001

Orphan, 2003

Die Gehängte, 2004

Welcome to the Real World, 2006 leading to:

In Memoriam Nature, 2007

Comment ai-je pu tenir la dedans? 2009 (choreography)

Wolfstunde, 2010



We are working on loading documentations of the pieces onto the website.

The above is a link to the NRLA (National Review of Live Art) archive at the University of Bristol. You can find there:

Die Gehängte

In Memoriam Nature




  homage to the heart    
  die gehaengte